ZaanZeer 18 Inches BBQ Mop with Wooden Handle and 4 Extra Replacement Cotton Fiber Basting Mop Heads for Grilling and Smoking Steak


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(as of Oct 16,2021 05:39:32 UTC – Details)

Professional BBQ Basting Mop: BBQ mop brush made up of soft and well absorbent bundles of thick loose strings holds even thinner sauce to slather it over grilling chicken, fish, ribs, brisket or pork to keep it moist and marinade for a more tenderized barbecue.
Long Handle: The high quality 18 inch long and sturdy wood handled BBQ mop is a great inclusion to your grill accessories which allows nice grip for enhanced safety, insulation and keeps your hands well away from red heated grill
Versatile: The mop is perfect for slashing different sauces for basting and glazing a variety of meats and poultry but can also be used in all kinds of kitchen clean-ups, the long handle makes it easy to clean the surfaces of the stove, refrigerator, juice glasses, washer and dryer.
Ultra Absorbent Brush: Our professional BBQ mop with large and soft flexible mop heads absorbs an insane amount of sauce and holds on to it to cover and spread an even glaze, sauce or butter the whole chunk of meat with even taste throughout the brisket.
ZaanZeer to Your Satisfaction: Our No.1 priority is your happiness. This means we stand by our barbeque mop product, no matter what, no questions asked, no hold barred, no ifs and buts. Whatever it takes, Just reach out to our Customer Happiness Team for any assistance.