Oh, we sure do love pizza in our house, actually, Friday is our “Pizza is for dinner” night. I have found the best dough at Walmart for ONE DOLLAR! yes, you read that right $1.00. It’s fresh dough called Pizza Buddy, It can be used to make many treats, including breadsticks, calzones, garlic knots, and more. It’s free of trans fat and cholesterol. Just add the toppings of your choice to your 16-oz pizza dough and experience real pizzeria taste.  I leave it out to room temp then shape either round or square. I spread my favorite red sauce on it and then start layering our favorite toppings which are usually, sausage, pepperoni, bacon, onions, garlic, mushrooms, peppers, and pineapple chunks. Then finish with the cheeses, mozzarella, provolone, and ricotta. And after many years of just putting it in the oven to bake, we invested in a pizza oven like this one…The Big Horn Outdoors Gas Pizza Oven[WooZoneProducts asin=”amz-B095SD88CS”][/WooZoneProducts]

And WE LOVE IT!  Bon Appetit!!!

There are so many things that you can cook on the grill or the smoker. Last year right before the holidays our son bought a smoker and I think he practiced every weekend smoking different things, In the old days, I had a homemade smoker from an old refrigerator. But that didn’t even compare to how nice these new smokers are. The more maintenance-free the smoker the more I liked them. The easier the clean up the more I like them. When I’m cooking with a smoker I want my meat cooking evenly with the different rubs and flavors I like to use. But a biggy that can make or break your day of seasoning and smoking, is overcooking and drying out your piece of culinary delight. Dried out and overcooked meat can just ruin your day. You don’t want folks struggling to pull your meat apart because it’s overcooked and dried out. It’s not what you want. The nice thing about today’s modern smokers is they do a lot of the work for you. You are less likely to overcook and undercook your meats. The smoking is more even and dispersed across all the surfaces of your meat. Depending on the type of smoker most include modern meat thermometers and more modern digitals with lots of bells and whistles. Remember you can have the best, most creative rub and coldest beer to go with it. But you overcook the meat and you’ve ruined your day. Let the smoker do the hard work for you. Here is one that gets the job done well me the Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker

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