SCYMX Portable BBQ Grill Round Barbecue Rack Stainless Steel Mini BBQ Charcoal Grill Camping Barbecue Tools


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1. The oven adopts non-rusting, environmentally friendly electrophoresis and non-toxic substances to ensure the safety of barbecued ingredients. Imported stamping technology is fully automatic and precise welding forming, dirt-resistant, heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and has a longer service life.
2. Raise the burning space of charcoal, the firepower is strong but not easy to burn, the bottom carbon mesh design is indispensable With it, the charcoal can be fully burned and the service life of the oven can be prolonged.
3. The burning depth can place more carbon. The firepower can burn more vigorously. Adding charcoal can burn for two hours, eliminating the trouble of adding charcoal.
4. Power combustion is inseparable from the design of the vents on the four sides of the oxygen oven to allow air and air to circulate fully and achieve the purpose of more vigorous firepower.
5. Vents: The grilling net is chrome-plated with iron wire, a vent, good brightness, carbon fire is more full, and the barbecue is delicious.