Premium | BBQ SAUCE & SEASONING Combo Pack | Kansas City Style BBQ Sauce | Thunder Road Sweet-n-Smoky BBQ Rub | Crafted in Small Batches with Farm Fresh Herbs for Premium Flavor and Zest


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SIMPLY DELICIOUS! Variety/gift pack includes: Kansas City Style BBQ Sauce (12 fl oz) & Thunder Road Sweet-n-Smoky Rib Rub (5.5 fl oz)! PERFECT for finishing all kinds of grilled meat! IMAGINE the excitement of the grill master or chef who gets this unique gift! Or treat yourself!
KANSAS CITY STYLE BBQ SAUCE | MOUTHWATERING combination of sweet and CLASSIC BBQ flavors. A thick and flavorful sauce with subtle spicy undertones. It has a brown sugar sweet and thick BBQ sauce base with a background of cayenne, smoked paprika, onion, garlic, yellow mustard and apple cider vinegar. Enjoy!
THUNDER ROAD BBQ RUB | DELICIOUS lip-smacking sweet-n-smoky taste! Our MOST POPULAR dry rub. To make this seasoning, we carefully blend sea salt, cumin, smoked paprika with traditional BBQ spices like garlic, onion, chili powder, brown sugar, cayenne, black pepper and add a hint of cinnamon. MOUTHWATERING!
You won’t be disappointed……these are all 17 year old “TRIED AND TRUE” recipes and our BEST SELLERS! Satisfaction guaranteed. A double FRESHNESS seal applied to FRESH ingredients immediately after blending for maximum flavor and zest. Taste the PREMIUM difference!
Buy Today and enjoy! Sturdy 12 fl. oz sauce bottle comes with reusable screw flavor lock top and 5.5 fl. oz. spice jar has both pour and sift options.