Lillie’s Q – Brisket Pepper BBQ Rub, Cracked Pepper BBQ Rub, Traditional Texas-Style Brisket Barbeque Rub, Large Pepper Grind Size, Perfect Barbeque Seasoning for Brisket, Beef, & Lamb (4.75 lbs)


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A TWIST ON TRADITIONAL TEXAS BBQ: Our special cracked pepper from India is the twist that Texas-style brisket needs—it’s the ideal large grind size. For more than just brisket—apply generously to beef, lamb, or dark meat poultry. Sprinkle, DON’T RUB.
OUR BBQ RUBS HAVE A STORY TO TELL: Why No. 28? Honoring our 28th state. These days, smoked brisket is widely considered the king of Texas BBQ—and what better way to celebrate than by honoring it with our Brisket Pepper BBQ Rub.
APPLY BBQ RUBS & SPICES 15 MINUTES BEFORE COOKING: That’s all the time it needs to work its magic. Apply generously to beef, lamb, or dark poultry—ideal for Steak Au Poivre or Tuna Au Poivre too. Throw it in your pepper grinder for everyday use.
ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS TO WRITE HOME ABOUT: Our barbeque products are made from a unique blend of all-natural ingredients & are made with gluten-free ingredients. That means no high fructose corn syrup, no MSG, no preservatives, & more.
AUTHENTICALLY CRAFTED BBQ SEASONING & RUBS: Chef Charlie created Lillie’s Q to bring new life to your BBQ favorites with honest-to-goodness authentic Southern flavor. Enjoy our delicious barbeque rubs & spices—we call it #SmotherlyLove.