Lamyanran BBQ for Picnic Garden Terrace Camping Beach Grilling Stainless Steel Charcoal Barbecue Grill for Household 3-5 People Outdoor Barbecue Stove Field Carbon Grill


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Price: $211.70
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The best outdoor grill: keep the most original flavor, meet your needs for smoke and barbecue flavor, then the only way to achieve both is to use this portable and lightweight charcoal grill, just with all your friends Or family gathered together, you can enjoy this unique romance in outdoor cooking, barbecue, picnic, camping, and enjoy delicious food anywhere! at any time!
Our barbecue grill is made of high-quality thick stainless steel material, which is strong and perfectly wear-resistant, durable, non-rusting, non-deformable, durable, and easy to clean.
Portable: There are detachable four-legged detachable legs for easy carrying and storage. Ideal for camping hiking picnics, attending car tail parties, camping, trailers, parks and small barbecue spaces.
There are vents on both sides to maintain the ideal state of the grill, let the air flow completely and support combustion, easy to install and easy to build and disassemble
Perfect for Party:The mini barbecue is ideal for camping, picnics and beach activities. When you enjoy the scenery, you can enjoy a barbecue and have a good party with family and friends. Tip: please keep the charcoal grill in dry place when you don’t use it