J.L. Kraft Sweet Teriyaki Marinade-in-a-Bag Liquid Marinade (12 oz Bags, Pack of 10)


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Great for steak, chicken & More: never have a boring meal again with our marinade in a bag. Our marinade elevates the flavor of your meat of choice for an excellent meal, every time.
Grill, bake & sear: marinating meat give you a satisfying flavor while not limiting your cooking options. Grill, bake, sear, and more without a loss in flavor, so you can enjoy your meat any which way.
Pre prep your meals: prep your meals in advance for an even easier experience. Marinade your meats on the weekend, then simply cook during the week for a simple and amazing meal.
Asian cuisine without the hassle: enjoy the taste of Asia without the hassle of seasoning dishes yourself. Our sweet Teriyaki marinade gives you amazing flavor, easily.
We make it easy: You won’t even need a bowl or even a ziplock bag to marinate your meal. Our bag is resealable so you simply place your meat into the bag and zip it up—mess free.
Country: United States