EnweMahi Labor-Saving Meat Skewers Machine,BBQ Skewers Wear Meat Tool,Stainless Steel,Food Grade Material Box,100 Skewers 5 Minutes,Grill Barbecue Kitchen Accessories Tools


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Price: $240.01
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✔[HEALTHY AND DURABLE]: The product is made of food-grade stainless steel and food-grade PE, which is environmentally friendly and hygienic, durable, and corrosion-resistant. It is especially suitable for grilling and is easy to clean
✔[HIGH EFFICIENCY]: Scientifically structured meat skewers, ergonomic, simple to use, quick to make meat skewers, 320*565mm large table can hold 10 skewers at a time, and the efficiency is as high as 100 skewers in 5 minutes
✔[SAVING TIME AND EFFORT]: The barbecue skewers machine adopts 48cm lengthened handle, lever design, double bearing, movable rod to reduce the force, simple operation, fast meat skewers, saving time and effort
✔[SUCTION CHASSIS]: The bottom adopts strong suction cup feet, which are firmly absorbed on the smooth tabletop when working, and will not slide. When making meat skewers, there is no need to worry about unstable force, and it is more suitable and practical.
✔[SCOPE OF APPLICATION]: Suitable for rods with a length of 10-35cm, such as bamboo sticks, round steel bars, flat steel bars, and wooden handle steel bars. Can carry beef, lamb, chicken skewers, chicken rope, chicken heart skewers