Burn Pit BBQ All Ration All-Purpose BBQ Rub | Perfect For Any Kind of Meat | Beef, Poultry, Fish, Lamb or Wild Game | All-Natural | Gluten-Free | Non-GMO | No MSG | 11 oz (312g)


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Burn Pit BBQ’s All Ration BBQ Dry Rub is designed to bring out the best flavors in true “low and slow” smoked meats.
Just as the name implies, this blend of spices pairs with all meats. It’s the all-purpose rub that will help you discover what the art of barbecue was meant to taste like.
Designed to replace salt, pepper and garlic as the spices one would reach for out of the pantry, this rub is just as effective as an all purpose seasoning. Perfect for beef, poultry, fish, lamb or wild game we have not found a protein yet this doesn’t work for.
We are a Veteran owned company and all of our BBQ rubs & sauces are made in Wisconsin! Locally, in Wisconsin, we’re proud to have partnered with several non-profits to provide products and donations to their causes.