bjyx Stainless Steel Barbecue Rack Can Be Foldable and Adjustable Charcoal Rack Suitable for Outdoor Campers and Barbecue Lovers (Color : A)


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Price: $216.43
(as of Jan 25,2022 14:57:26 UTC – Details)

The carbon mesh diameter is 3MM stainless steel, the material is thick and not easy to bend, the service life is long, and it is easy to clean
Size: 49*34*26CM/35*34*26CM/19*19*19CM. Weight: 4.3*3.5*1.3KG. Material: stainless steel
Outdoor portable barbecue grill, enlarged grilling net, all stainless steel, portable folding, adjustable gear
Features: Enlarged grilling net, folding storage, adjustable grilling net, equipped with storage bag, easy to carry outdoors
Installation steps: open the lower bracket, put in the ash tray, put in the ash tray, put in the furnace body, put in the carbon mesh, and install the baking mesh